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Accent Solutions announces a new line of business and a new division. Accent Solutions now has a commercial custom programming division to handle contract programming for our clients.
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Accent Solutions Proudly announces it's new line of products for mobile devices. The first product, Memory Alpha is aimed at the Android device market.
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Accent Solutions adds Medical Services of America to its list of new customers. MSA has over 300 locations nationwide and over 6000 employees.
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AccentData™ Manager

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Companies are constantly being bombarded with documentation coming in by fax, mail, and email. Documents are being created from many different applications and managing all these files can be a tedious task. Businesses generate a tremendous amount of paper and digital content. Proposals, service contracts, customer profiles, human resources documentation, financial reports, forms and many other documents are being produced daily in most business environments. The bottom line is this- without a powerful Document Management software solution most organizations cannot effectively manage their information. The inability to do so can have a staggering effect on your bottom line.

Nearly 4 trillion paper documents are created each year by businesses and government agencies. This wealth of information is typically unmanaged, leaving employees with tedious and often fruitless document searches from electronic file searches to overstuffed file cabinets. In addition, each industry has its own unique requirements and procedures for handling all of these documents and files. 

 Small to mid-sized businesses have the same document management needs as large corporations but typically do not have the budget and staff to implement such a system. Accent Solutions’ Integrated Document Management software, AccentData™ Manager, provides the robustness and power of a full featured document management system at an affordable price for small to mid-sized businesses.  

AccentData Manager is a powerful and scalable yet affordable document management solution (DMS) designed to help you file, manage, track, and share information in a secure environment.

If you have thoroughly examined your business you have probably seen where you can benefit most from a DMS. What you may not know is that the benefits go much further than what is seen on the surface.