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Accent Solutions announces a new line of business and a new division. Accent Solutions now has a commercial custom programming division to handle contract programming for our clients.
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Accent Solutions Proudly announces it's new line of products for mobile devices. The first product, Memory Alpha is aimed at the Android device market.
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Accent Solutions adds Medical Services of America to its list of new customers. MSA has over 300 locations nationwide and over 6000 employees.
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Accent Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 5935
Aiken, SC 29804


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Reduce Employee Training:

Build all of your business rules into an easy to manage and maintain environment.

Dramatically speed up you business

Combined with our Business Process Re-engineering, you can improve your business efficiencies 20-30 percent or more.

Provide Better Communication to you employees and your customers

Push information internally or remotely to field reps.

Work Remotely

Managers and Workers can easily "see" where they are in any workflow process.

Boost Employee Productivity to New Levels

Workflow engine automatically assigns work based on workloading algorithyms. Keeps workbaskets even.

Managers can easily reassign work to any of their employees using a simple drag and drop.

Employee Work baskets can be temporarily marked non-assignable due to vacation schedules or other reasons for being out of the office.