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2014-10-16 - Memory Alpha released into Google Play
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Accent Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 5935
Aiken, SC 29804


October 16, 2014 Press Release

Accent Solutions proudly announces its first new Android application Memory Alpha.

Memory Alpha is design to assist users in remembering all those bits of information that is required almost every day. Information about all your family members, information about all of your vehicles, medical data even your PINs and passwords and more. All of this information is password protected and critical, private information is encrypted.

Memory Alpha also includes important 911 functions to help keep your family safe. One of it's features is the ability to "ping" or request the location of a member phone. This feature will ask the target phone for it's current GPS location and send back the coordinates and display those coordinates on a map. The target phone has the option to allow only certain other member phones to request the location, thus protecting the phone user from malicious use of this feature.

Memory Alpha also has the ability to keep "private" notes in either a free form note style or as a check list. The check list is great for creating grocery lists or other To-do style lists for check off. These notes may also be password protected and encrypted.

Many more features will be coming in the following months.