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Accent Solutions announces a new line of business and a new division. Accent Solutions now has a commercial custom programming division to handle contract programming for our clients.
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Accent Solutions Proudly announces it's new line of products for mobile devices. The first product, Memory Alpha is aimed at the Android device market.
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Accent Solutions adds Medical Services of America to its list of new customers. MSA has over 300 locations nationwide and over 6000 employees.
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Accent Solutions, Inc.
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Accent Solutions announces the new QuickBooks Interface to its line of products.

COLUMBIA, SC October 13, 2008 / PRESS RELEASE/ Accent Solutions announces the new Intuit QuickBooks interface to its lineup of products. The QuickBooks interface will allow clients to synchronize their QuickBooks data (Vendors, Customers and Employees) directly into the AccentData system. This represents a huge time savings for QuickBOoks users. The Accent QuickBooks interface also gives users a simple click to pop-up all of the AccentData documets associated with any of the QuckBooks Vendors, Customers or Employees.

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